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Shona Nairn

Now here’s a great gym to work out and get results! Fun, friendly and all the trainers are extremely well qualified and take a personal interest in their clients. I train with Kinley who is very knowledgeable, creative, energetic and enthusiastic and I cannot help but be motivated to get there and exercise and see the results. I feel stronger, fitter and enjoy being at the gym more than ever thanks to Kinley!

Amy Walker

Oh man, if you want a gym that actually cares about you no matter who you are THIS IS THE PLACE!! Great staff, great equipment, and some awesome amenities! They offer (delicious) shakes, protein bars, or fruit after every work out. You never walk in without a “Hello!” Or leave without a “Goodbye!” I’ve never felt more comfortable working out. Prior to meeting this fantastic group, I wouldn’t of stepped into a gym due to my insecurities. Now, I’m so excited to work out and see my results!!!! Thank you Matt Skelly Training for giving me my confidence back!!!

Caitlin Jett

My favorite gym! Very clean. All of the trainers are so encouraging and friendly you never feel like you are being judged. Also not to mention the complimentary protein shake with almond milk, cinnamon and I'm pretty sure MAGIC!


I starting working with Audrey in June 2020 while I was working in Wilmington short term. Matt did my initial intake and I was completely impressed with the personal attention from the staff. Matt assigned me to Audrey as my personal trainer. After doing 8 weeks of in person training, I had to leave the area and return home. I did not want to lose the momentum I had. We decided to do virtual workouts and I am still making progress! Audrey is AWESOME! She keeps me motivated. I actually enjoy the workouts which is something new for me.

Tracey Hopkins

MST changed my life for the good! I have always struggled with maintaining my weight and being consistent in exercise. Going there is the favorite part of my day. Have been training with MST since Sept 2019 and 1:1 training with John Allison for 7 months with my ultimate goal to get lean. I’m the leanest I have ever been and continue to surpass all my goals. 20% body fat reduction and 60lbs lost. When people ask, I say.....body by John. 💪💪🏋️ Cannot thank you enough!


I was looking for a trainer who could modify my workout routine because of previous injuries. Matt Skelly and his team of professional trainers are exceptionally skilled and offered me a variety of ways to achieve my goals. Matt treats everyone like family and the workouts are always positive and upbeat. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and professional trainer they are truly the best!

Hans Mertens

Matt and his team are top notch. I've been training with Matt for over a year and know I've become stronger physically and more focused on my workouts mentally.

Matt and his staff will work with you to determine what the best fitness plan is for you personally. They focus on training you towards your personal fitness vision, and will work hard to keep you working towards, achieving, and exceeding your goals.

Lastly, Matt is just a great person and easy to work with. He's cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic - - exactly what you want in a personal trainer. I would recommend Matt to anybody looking to make a change in their life for a healthier future.

Julio Camberos

I have been training at Matt Skelly Training since May 2020. My trainer there is Audrey Salzman. Let me begin with this. The Training Center is clean and I feel at ease while training there. All the trainers are professional, courteous and personable. I’d been training at another facility per-Covid and I can see the difference in the extra care and precautions being taken there, compared to where I was at before. My trainer Audrey, is VERY prepared. She’s always ready with fresh training routines. She is an EXCELLENT coach! I have had 2 professional trainers prior to Audrey and she is by far the most experienced, knowledgeable and she is ALWAYS PREPARED. My other qualifier is that coaches must be able to train as hard as I do, and I can tell you this in advance. Don’t challenge her unless you’re in excellent shape and prepared to go the distance! She’s tuned in with my fitness goals and understands and coaches ”High Intensity Interval Training” at an advanced level far beyond that of any average coach at a regular gym. Since training with Audrey, I have lost those 5 unwanted pounds, dropped 20 points on my overall cholesterol, and 3% off my body fat. In other words, I’ve been able to achieve with her, what I couldn’t do on my own, that is, getting results!! Thank you! To Audrey, Matt Skelly and everyone there for making me better than I ever thought I could be! P.S. I want to look like Kurt, when I grow up!

Sharon J. Blair

I started this fitness journey about 10 months ago and I honestly felt like it would be short lived like all the rest, but after a brief time with my trainer John Allison, I realized Matt Skelly Training had something different to offer. Results were first and foremost, but they also created an environment that was fun, challenging, caring and motivating. They create an environment that pushes me to want to be my best self. My body has transformed in ways I didn’t even think were possible. Unlike most fitness facilities and trainers, John and MST ensure I have the tools to be successful with after workout nutrition and nutritional guidance for everyday eating. I drive 45 minutes each way and the results have been so worth it! If you are serious about wanting to be healthier and achieving your health goals then I highly recommend MST.

B Tuck

Matt Skelly Training is a unique place. I started with Matt years ago when he first opened. One of my favorite things was physically writing my goal on the back Wall. Then, when ever I would work out I could hold myself accountable to that goal. I also enjoy the fresh meals that can be ordered every Friday for the next week. I really helps ease the stress of making a healthy dinner at night. If you are looking for a great way to feel like you are part of a fitness family and really affect a big change in your life, give them a ring NOW!!!!!

Amanda Baker

Matt has made working out fun yet intense. He continues to change our routine to keep me guessing and working muscles I never knew existed. The atmosphere of Matt's gym is amazing. I love the individual attention to focus on your goals. The Focus Room and protein shakes sealed the deal for me! So happy I made this change!

Laura Ford

If you are looking for the best gym in Wilmington for personal training in a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages, interests, and abilities, this is THE place to be!

Draughon Cranford
Michael Brass

Very great place. I worked out with matt for 4 months and it helped me out so much :)

Mike Baker

If you are looking for a place to help you find your reason WHY and push yourself to reach your goals, Matt's personal touch and story are both motivating and fun to be apart of such a great group. I have worked out with Matt and his team for 3 months and have been impressed each time I go in. The boot camps are tough and fun. Greg makes them challenging for all levels of fitness. 

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Trevor Jefferson
Kevin Ruane

Great environment great vison great focus great execution of fitness goals

Pete Cox

I went to work with Matt Skelly and his team because I had two friends of mine who have really enjoyed their new and improved health and fitness by training with Matt. I needed to work on leg strength and agility and overall wellness. So far, it's been a great ride working out with Matt and his team of trainers. They are knowledgeable, friendly and energetic group of men and women. My friends tell me that they can tell I've been up to something-lol!!! I think the thing that makes this place great is that they design a program for your specific needs and its one on one training. So, what are you waiting for...?

Personal Training near Wilmington
Charlie Johnston, Steven McCarthy, & Benjamin Vann
Jarrett Holder

Such a great experience to work with certified trainer Curt Davis. He is very motivated and willing to assist with your fitness journey. I won an hour session to focus on introduction to TRX training and core mechanics to assist me in my bodybuilding journey. As a seasoned weightlifter, this was a nice change of pace to challenge myself in new ways. Matt Skelly, Curt Davis and training staff demonstrate great hard work to help change your life! Thank you for a great experience!

Steven Everhart

Until two years ago, my wife and I were members of two other gyms for a total of 12 years. We were personal training clients for the last 2 of those 12 years. However, at that particular gym, the management pushed the trainers to take on too many clients and drove the best ones away. Thankfully, they became trainers at Matt Skelly Training. We could not be more pleased! At first, we worked with Greg Cohan (followed him from the previous gym) but he had to leave to attend medical school. Since then, we have worked with another trainer we had worked with at the previous gym, Andrew Court. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and plan our workouts with our personal goals in mind as well as periodically assessing our progress.

This is truly a PERSONAL training gym. Everyone treats you like a VIP. The equipment is top notch and is well-maintained.

For the reasons stated above, I would recommend Matt Skelly Training in full confidence of them providing you with the highest quality personal training.

Personal Training near Wilmington
George Papajohn
Melissa Church

Love, love, love these guys!! Matt is one of the best human beings I've ever met. He is focused on whole person health for all his clients. I'm so blessed to have his sister Meghan as my trainer. We work out hard and laugh while we're doing it. She's pushes me and encourages me. It's the best!!!

Ned Leary

It’s rare in my experience to find a gym/trainer as committed to my goals as I am...maybe more. You’ll know this isn’t a run of the mill gym the minute you walk in the door. Great group of peeps!

Carol & Terry Sheffield
Wendy Scharton Bullard

One on one training. No big gym crowds to distract. They help with strength and cardio as well as your mental goals and the proper way to eat to stay fit. It's not about "diet" it's about a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Training near Wilmington
Pam Marinko
Laura Ann

Love this place!!! It is a great way to learn how to be healthy and achieve your fitness goals...highly recommend to anyone!!

Kendra Eberhardt

Love the family friendly atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and ready to share information on your specific needs. Can't say I've ever been excited to go to a workout before MST. I love how my trainer Jamie keeps my workouts fresh along with making it challenging and productive.

Personal Training near Wilmington
Annie Witkowski
Luke Cunningham

Had multiple visits and highly recommend Curt Davis. Fantastic trainer, easy to conversate with, all around a great guy. 5/5

Shahrzad Nasseri

I spoke to a friend who told me that she loves working out at Matt Skelly Training. She told me I should try them out. I was looking for a personal trainer to work out with, and didn't find anyone who I wanted to start strength training with until I met Kathryn Benko. She is very professional, enthusiastic, and gets you going. I have noticed a change in how strong I have become since I have started training with her. The staff at Matt Skelly are very professional and I would highly recommend anyone try them out.

Pam Bourgeois
Carole Brent Sheffield

Best experience my husband and I have had with personal training! The Matt Skelly team is amazing and fun to work out with. Highly recommend!!!!

Personal Training near Wilmington
Ted Kielholz
Dustin Williams

Matt and his team are fantastic! They have a genuine passion for what they do and really want the best for their clients!

Lee Atkins
Mitzie Brooks Isear

I attended Goddess yoga last night with Nicole at Matt's Gym. It was a wonderful and powerful experience. Great way to end my night. Thank you Nicole and Matt

Mike Baker

Great place to push yourself and really implement your WHY.

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