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Online Training With Matt Skelly Training Gives You More

Your physical fitness shouldn't rely on your ability to go to the gym. Matt Skelly Training keeps up with your lifestyle by offering Online Training Options. Whether you only use Online Training, or you use it in conjunction with your In-Person Training, we guarantee our services will fit into your schedule. 

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A Little Flexibility Goes A Long Way!

Keeping up with a busy schedule is hard for everyone. Our Online Training can help you get a workout in whenever the time allows! Online Training combines the freedom of working out on your own schedule with the accountability and support of a personal trainer. We have an exclusive, customized app that helps you keep track!

There are three personalized options you can choose between:

One on one training with off-days programmed into our customized app
This option is best for someone who wants to come into the gym for personal training but wants to keep the blood pumping when you're not there, too. We make sure that the days you don't have access to our gym are scheduled with accessible workouts right at your fingertips!
Custom workout and nutritional plans with 2 check-ins per month

This option is great if you're looking for a virtual coach with in-person accountability and support. All of the sessions that you'll complete will be logged and tracked through our customized app. You'll get a video of your workouts and a plan for your diet with meal recommendations. In addition, you'll have 2 check-ins with your personal trainer scheduled each month in order to talk about your progress and new goals that you'd like to accomplish!

100% Customized workouts using only our customized app

This option is perfect for the person who is always on the go. With everything taken care of directly through our app, you will always have your workout at your fingertips! Whether you're in Wilmington, or across the country, you'll always have access to the professional, dedicated members of the Matt Skelly Training team. 

Don't Let Your Schedule Keep You From Being The Best Version Of Yourself

Here at Matt Skelly Training, we're always looking for new ways to put your physical fitness first. Our Online Training keeps your workouts at your fingertips anytime you need an extra boost. Putting together the dedication of our coaches with the customized app, there is no excuse for keeping yourself active no matter where you are!

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Our Online Training Classes Are Located In

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