Andrew Court, Fitness Instructor

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Andrew Court

Growing up, Andrew was a standout soccer player on track to play Division 1 soccer. At the early age of 13, he underwent his first of four knee surgeries that ultimately ended his soccer career. After knee surgery number four and almost 8 months on crutches, his rehab journey began. It was during his rehab that he discovered how truly amazing and unpredictable the human body really is. He was forced to re-learn how to walk and run again. From lower back pain due to weak hamstrings and glutes to knee pain due to lack of overall lower body strength, this is where he fell in love with fitness and movement.

Andrew's passion and knowledge centers around functional training, functional high-intensity training, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. He states: "Our bodies are capable of doing and overcoming more than we can ever realize. From minor daily activities to larger and more complex activities, it can do it all. The body works as a unit: using our mind and muscles to perform necessary tasks. So, it is important to train the body as such. This is how we live a better quality of life."

Becoming a personal trainer has had never-ending benefits for Andrew. He enjoys being a part of each client's journey as they reach their goals and discover their true potential. He takes pride in helping individuals not only change their bodies and lifestyles for the better, but also in helping to educate them so that they know how to best care for their bodies. Andrew chose to make Matt Skelly Training home because he finds his passion and beliefs fall in line with those of all the trainers at MST. He is able to surround himself with a great group of people, both clients and trainers, who share the common goal of creating stronger and better versions of themselves.

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