Brandon Cala, Fitness Instructor

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Brandon Cala

I grew up in New jersey, from a young age I was overweight and unhealthy and quickly realized I needed to make a change. In early high school I made a commitment to myself to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle, so I joined the shot-put team on the track team that year. I ate healthier and trained for shot-put and really challenged myself to be better. That lead me into my fitness journey, I lost over 80 pounds and grew a love for going to the gym and working out. I continued to eat healthy, put on muscle and keep the fat weight off and went into college seeking an exercise physiology degree. I am currently ACE certified with a bachelors in Exercise Science, exercise physiology. I am also a plant based amateur bodybuilder. My main goal is to lead you to your goals no matter the obstacles and live a healthier life as I have done for myself. I specialize in weight management, disease management and prevention, sports performance, and hypertrophy.

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