Jacob, Fitness Instructor

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Originally from Wyoming, fitness has been a massive contribution to Jacob’s overall development. From pick-up games in the park to organized high school sports, physical activity has demonstrated its multifaceted merits. It was the underlying lessons, such as delayed gratification, that solidified his ever-lasting love for movement.

During the beginning of COVID-19 and his Junior year of college, Jacob gained 20 pounds and was the heaviest he had ever weighed. This was a call to action for him to begin his first intentional weight loss journey during the summer of 2020. The same summer he made the calculated decision to switch his major from Mathematics to Exercise Science at The University of North Carolina - Wilmington. Jacob signed up for his first Natural Men’s Physique show following several months of dieting and taught himself all of the nutritional information and poses required to be competitive. Through trial and error and three consecutive shows, he eventually placed first in his division. Jacob’s mission is to help and inspire others to discover the additional benefits acquired from regular exercise, aside from feeling and looking better, and help others become life-long lovers of health and fitness!

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