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Personal Training near Wilmington

Sarah Kibby

Since childhood, fitness has always been a presence in Sarah's life. Some of the most memorable moments from her youth were taking long walks with her family and challenges created by her father. The challenges started with balancing across a fallen tree and soon evolved into personal goals for herself. She completed her first marathon at 15 years old and went on to try new endeavors such as Bodybuilding, competing in a triathlon and Ultra running with her sister. The challenge sparks a fire in Sarah that inspires her to challenge others.

After finishing Bachelor Arts in Film Studies, she entered into the film community and saw daily physical pain, poor eating habits and the lack of natural movement. She wanted to help people find a new way of thinking and introduce patterns for overall better health. Sarah received her certification as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach through NASM. Her background is filled with five years of helping individuals from every age group and her unique training style combines multiple methods, tempos and mobility to give a well-rounded regimen. It is important to not only to work out for the physical benefits but also finding a happiness with who you are and the amazing body you’ve been given.

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